👉🏻 Case Study: Forbes Production

👉🏻 Case Study:
Forbes Production

- a podcast where we interview billionaires

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Part of our services involves providing comprehensive solutions for video casts and podcasts. In this case study, we would like to share how we created a new podcast for Forbes called “Closer”, exclusively for subscribers.

Assignment: Create a new video podcast – visually from A to Z

Forbes regularly creates podcasts, but they have been primarily audio-only. When we began our collaboration, the goal was to introduce video as well. Video would be one of the added values for subscribers, for whom this podcast would be created.

Therefore, it was necessary to focus on designing the studio and the visual identity of the entire podcast, including cover photos, reels, graphic elements in the videos, and their animations. Since we had previously created one successful podcast (Koulí podcast), part of the project also involved designing and implementing the production workflow. We subsequently managed the workflow, including post-production of the entire episode.

What did we create as part of the project?


Studio design for video recording 📹


Creation of visual identity ✍🏻


Production workflow design 🎬

The first part involved creating the visual elements of the podcast. This included designing the studio’s appearance, graphic elements, logo, reels, and episode thumbnails. Given that Forbes represents luxury, wealth, education, and business, we emphasized these aspects in the design. The “Closer” podcast needed to be visually appealing.

Next, we prepared the production workflow for the podcast. One interesting aspect was setting up the studio directly at the client’s location. Transporting the equipment and setting it up there posed no problem at all. 🙂

Another interesting component was the creation of reels. These short, impactful clips from the episodes were used to promote the podcast on social media, thereby increasing its visibility and attracting a wider audience.

What was the outcome of the project?

Our goal is to bring maximum value to our clients, not only through the podcast itself but also through complementary content. Thanks to our ability to handle production within 5 days, we can keep the content up-to-date and in line with the dynamic requirements of our clients.

Creating the “Closer” podcast for Forbes was a significant milestone in our approach to multimedia production. We managed to overcome numerous challenges and achieve excellent results, confirming our ability to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for our clients.


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We can create
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It is possible to set up
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