👉🏻 Case Study: Production for Mixit

👉🏻 Case Study:
Production for Mixit

Mix Your Own Müsli
- Product "B-roll" Advertisement

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Come and visit our PIXBO.Lab, studio located in the center of Prague. We’ll show you an exceptional case study on how we created a product advertisement, specifically known as b-roll, for Mixit. This advertisement can be used for marketing purposes, including YouTube and other social media platforms. The output helps showcase the product in an attractive light

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The project for Mixit was something we came up with based on our own needs and desire to test our new studio. We sat down at the table with pen and paper, let the ideas flow, and created a script for “something different” – something that showcases the product in a unique light, different from the usual advertisements seen on Czech social media.

Assignment: Display the product in an attractive light

The goal of the project was to create a simple b-roll spot for YouTube advertising and social media, capturing the preparation of a healthy breakfast using Mixit products. We love Mixit, and we were thrilled to turn our creativity into a real product.

The production of such an output, which takes 2-3 weeks to complete, was divided into three phases. Firstly, we organized an ideation and brainstorming session. We focused on the concept, storyboard, and script that our product advertisement could have. We explored how each shot and transition could look like.

How did the project proceed?


Writing down thoughts and ideas ✍🏻


Shooting according to the storyboard 🎬


Post-production and footage editing 🎞️

After the creative ideas were planned, we moved on to the second phase – the shooting. It took approximately a few hours during which we captured enough footage for our advertisement. In our PIXBO.Lab studio, we have everything we need for such production.

The final phase was post-production, which involved editing and correcting the shots to fit our final vision and script.

What was the result of the project?

Our product advertisement for Mixit is a testament to our ability to create creativity and propose concepts that help brands and e-commerce businesses stand out. You can see the outcome of the project, which we created in the studio, below. We look forward to future projects that allow us to showcase our creativity and ability to create innovative advertisements.


Inspiration from this case study 📝

B-roll is a style of advertising that captures the product in an attractive light.

The realization of the project takes 2-3 weeks.

In addition to the actual production, we also create a creative design and concept.