Koule (the ball), that
brought down HitHit

Have you heard of Zelezna koule? A gym in Prague that turns non-exercisers into exercisers. The concept of exercise in the Zelezna Koule is based mainly on exercises with a kettlebell, large dumbbell, and body weight. News of another success of the Zelezna Koule in 2021 flew through the media world when, with their new project, “Online coaching that’s got guts,” they collected a million crowns from people on HitHit (Czech kifkstarter) in less than 4 hours, breaking the record for the speed of raising such an amount.

To meet the high expectations of their supporters with the project, Radar and his team needed to shoot dozens of online lesson videos in a very short time without compromising their quality. And because we love such challenges, our crew took on this task. We shot until late at night, worked really hard, but the result was worth it and we are really proud of it.

The number of videos recorded per month 🎬
The number of consumed cups of coffee during production ☕️
The number of students enrolled in online coaching upon launch 🏋🏻‍♂️

See the trailer for
online coaching

What do a post-apocalyptic Prague, Cindy Crawford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? They all feature in the badass trailer for the online coaching program we’re shooting for Koule.

Train anytime, anywhere, and don’t do it half-assed.

What do students say about coaching?

“…I finally got to exercise and had my first workout (…) Hats off! I expected it to be good, but you exceeded my expectations. The videos are incredibly informative, with perfectly explained techniques, and the cherry on top is the trivia and the Cimrman-style humor that made me laugh…”

Note: The reference to “Cimrman” in the feedback might be specific to a Czech cultural context.

Radar has his documentary film. 🎞️

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