👉🏻 Case Study: Production for Raiffeisen Bank

How incorporating video into employee training leads to cost savings.

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Continuous employee education has been a trend in recent years. When done well, it can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, accelerated processes, improved work quality, and minimized errors – thanks to better retention of information. There is no better way to expedite the learning process than incorporating multimedia elements, such as videos, AR/VR, into training programs. Read how we integrated educational videos into such a program for Raiffeisen Bank.

Assignment: Demonstrate how to conduct a phone call effectively.

Our task was to create an educational video for the bank’s business managers. The goal was to teach them how to gather feedback from clients over the phone. The video aimed to convey the process of providing feedback, guiding the conversation, asking the right questions, and responding appropriately.

We divided the project into three phases


Idea generation and brainstorming 💥


Preparation of the final video script 📝


Production & postproduction 🎬

During the ideation phase, we, as the training provider for Raiffeisen Bank, worked with the goal, concept, and messaging of the video. It was important to gather information such as:

  • Who is the target audience (which managers, in what positions, what tools they have, what their work agenda looks like, etc.)
  • Context – in what situation the video will be watched, on which device, how the video is used within the training process, and what actions the viewer should take after watching it.
  • We also defined what the video should convey.

Then, we created the script, planned the shooting schedule, hired actors, and filmed the video within one day. We subsequently post-produced the footage according to the script to achieve the final output.

What was the outcome of the project?

An increase in high-quality feedback. By “high-quality,” we mean feedback that follows the same pattern, contains relevant content, and provides sufficient data that RB can further work with. Raiffeisen Bank now utilizes video for internal employee training as part of their training program. Not only does the video facilitate the learning process, but it also leads to significant cost savings. RB uses the video repeatedly for onboarding new managers who collect feedback. It is a long-term, albeit unassuming, investment in high-quality educational material that quickly pays off in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved employee performance.

In today’s digital age, it is possible to efficiently educate employees remotely, which brings additional cost savings. Multimedia content, such as educational videos, is not only a more engaging format but also much more effective compared to other methods of information delivery. It is a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective way to convey essential information.

Whether your goal is to improve communication with employees or create a new training program with digital/multimedia elements, let’s schedule a meeting and discuss how we can create such training that will be appreciated by both your employees and company leadership. We know how to do it.


Inspiration from case study 📝

Video describes information simply and visually.

We address the output from the very beginning, starting with the idea.

The training can be directly used for onboarding purposes.