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Employee education is one of the keys to achieving this. And it’s common practice today. Incorporating video into your employee training program will speed up the process and save time. You will educate effectively, at lower long-term costs. We know how to do it.

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among customers who implemented video into the education process.

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of the employee training process, reported by our clients.

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on long-term costs thanks to the implementation of multimedia content.

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Train employees on how to do things correctly

You teach both new and existing employees how to do things correctly.

You teach the new updates in a consistent and unified manner.

The same version for all branches and employees, avoiding multiple versions from different trainers’ perspectives.

Training is not solely dependent on the communication skills of the trainer.

Each trainer has their own interpretation. Video provides a universal version.

Educational videos are used, for example... 👇🏻

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Cold-calling for real estate agents.

Juraj Sutoris, a recognized professional in the real estate industry, cold calling, and motivation, utilized our studio and services to create his online course. Take a look at the trailer preview.

Let's educate through an effective form.

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How Raiffeisen Bank teaches managers to collect feedback

Feedback is crucial for everyone involved in creating or collaborating with others, especially when it comes to receiving feedback from clients. Raiffeisen Bank, in collaboration with an educational company, has utilized video to demonstrate to managers the proper approach to collecting feedback. The aim is to ensure that managers consistently gather the same type of data from the feedback process.