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Share Knowledge and Inspire Employees.

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Inspire, motivate, grow. 🚀
And share. 🙌🏻

Not only in education, but also in supporting the community. A company podcast is another communication platform in your company. It inspires, educates, and motivates employees. It strengthens loyalty and corporate culture. Share know-how, stories, successes, and mistakes among each other. Create a platform that catalyzes communication and sharing in your company.


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people 🙋‍♂️

in the Czech republic tune in to podcasts at least once a week. Year-on-year, podcasts have grown by 126%.

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listeners 🎧

listen to podcasts while engaged in various activities such as commuting to work or doing household chores


minute ⏱️

timeframe is the highest listenership rate for podcasts.

Supports the community of employees. 🙏🏻​

Effortlessly disseminate information within your company.🎙️

Inform and educate your employees. 🙋‍♂️​

Increases people's loyalty and strengthens the brand. 🫶🏻​

Inform and educate your employees. 🙋‍♂️​

We are "closer" to the people within the company. 🤝​

Do you want to see the possibilities?

👉🏻 What does a corporate podcast solve for you?

A communication platform that shares know-how within the company. 👍🏻

It informs and educates. Quickly, concisely, and to the point.

You know that problem when employees lack information, but the headquarters thinks otherwise? We don’t have that issue because we have a podcast. 😇

Motivates and inspires

Let employees inspire others by sharing how they do their work, why they are successful in it, and how they have achieved their goals. Motivate people and broaden their horizons. 🚀

It supports the community of employees.

Employees don’t have to meet only at the Christmas party or team-building events. 😊

We create podcasts, for example, for... 👇🏻​

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a corporate podcast?

What do our clients say about a Podcast? 🙋‍♂️

"I had a great time filming here, the studio & people are pleasant..."

Let's inform, educate and inspire your employees

Take a look at the case study below. 👇🏻

What does creating a podcast entail and why do you need it too?

“They weren’t the first, but they won’t be the best either. They invite people and ask them things…” We spent more than half of the time since the Koulí podcast existed on its production. And it’s no coincidence that it won the 1st prize for Podcast of the Year in the entertainment category. Are you interested in the creation process?